Prapti's Stories প্ৰাপ্তিৰ সাধু

Story No. 1

The Story of Magic
                                                                                     By Rudrani 

Once upon a time there was a little girl. Her name was Rosy. She stayed inside a jungle inside a big hill. One day she went to bring her food. Then one rabbit came and asked Rosy, “where are you going with the basket?” She said, “I am going to bring my food.” Then the rabbit said, “I will also come with you.” Then Rosy said, “Yes yes of course”. Then both went together, but Rosy hear footsteps of  horse coming their way. But the problem is that Rosy knew in the jungle there were no horses. And in the nearby town also.

When she came down from the hill she cross a river with the help of a bridge. When she crossed the river and get the town she looked back but the rabbit was not there. Then she think what happened to the rabbit . “Where he went ?” And she didn’t look back and go ahead to the town. She looked front and she saw a road there is many cars. But she saw another road there is no traffic and only some kids were playing.

Then she went to another road. When she was walking then one girl came and asked her, “where you want to go?”. Rosy said, “I want to go to bring food”. “I will help you to go to the food market.”, the girl said. Then Rosy said, “thank you.” “Come I will take you to my uncle and he will show you to food market.”, the girl said. Rosy met the girl’s uncle and they went to food market. On the way the uncle said, “wait for five seconds. I have some work here.” Rosy was waiting. Half an hour past, one hour past, but the uncle did not come back. Rosy thought, “the road is straight. I can go alone.” When she get the food market she hear many noise there. She looked here and there but did not find anyone. Then she rolled on the floor and found that she was dreaming.

Prapti doing the Illustrations

Story No. 2

The  Secrete of Beautiful Lake

One day Lika and Jack were drawing pictures near a beautiful lake. Then one white flower dropped from the tree and fell down in the lake. Then one beautiful fairy came out from the lake and asked them, “is it your flower?”  The fairy show them a beautiful golden flower. Lika and and Jack said, “No. It is not our.” Then the fairy give them the beautiful golden flower. Then Lika and Jack went to their home. When they were going Lika asked Jack, “Jack, you didn’t want to know the secrete of the beautiful lake ?”. Then Jack said, “Yes, I want to know the secrete of the beautiful Lake.” Then planned .

(to be continued………..)

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